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Woodrow Wilson

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Before Woodrow Wilson was president of the United States, he was the president of Princeton University and the only occupant of the White House to hold a PhD. But before he became a university professor, he was a twelve-year old boy who didn’t know how to read. The reformer who challenged the corrupt party bosses to fight for legislation that gave ordinary Americans a seat at the table was also the president who provided us with one of our greatest Oval Office mysteries: when he had a massive stroke during his second term, and was out of communication with Congress, was the First Lady covertly running the country for him?

Inside you will read about…

✓ Tommy Wilson, the Preacher’s Kid
✓ Mrs. Ellen Wilson
✓ Wilson Turns to Politics
✓ Wilson’s First Term
✓ Widower and Bridegroom
✓ Wilson the War President
✓ Madame President Wilson?
✓ The Wilson Legacy

There are many layers to Thomas Woodrow Wilson, the Southern-born son of a Confederate family whose willingness to tilt at legislative windmills provided the country with the Federal Reserve, the Federal Trade Commission, the first Jewish Supreme Court justice, and the seeds of what would later become, after his dream of a League of Nations was crushed, the United Nations. Read on to find out about this man who is regarded as one of the nation’s top ten presidents, and delve deeper into the mystery of Woodrow Wilson.


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