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Welcome to your new year at Hogwarts!
Multiplying and Dividing within 100 without Regrouping 
Multiplying by 2-9s using arrays
Learning Multiplication Facts
Dividing by 2-9s 
Learning the Order of Operations 
Multiplication Tricks
Multiplying and Dividing within 1000 without Regrouping
Multiplying and Dividing Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands
Dividing by 10-90s
Learning the Order of Operations 
Multiplication and Division Tricks 
Help your kid enjoy multiplication and division through coloring their own story!

Every day teachers’ and parents’ Facebook or Twitter groups ask questions: “Why do you think so many elementary or middle school students are far below grade level and cannot do multiplication and/or division?”, “What is multiplication or division?”, “I teach 4-8th-grade math and have many students struggling with multiplication and division”, “I need some ideas on teaching multiplication and division,” “Please, help! I’m trying to help my kids/students understand multiplication or division”, “I have trouble helping the kids understand multiplication and division.”

Throughout the pages, six colorful, funny monsters explain new math concepts and problems; offer multiplication and division tricks on how to solve the problems; teach students many strategies to make multiplication and division an easy and fun process, and encourage students to come up with their own creative and independent solutions. 


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