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Can he tell us apart with a kiss?

Crisp white shirt stretched over tan muscle and dark Bratva tattoos. Overcoat flapping in the wind like the devil’s black wings. He’s utterly ruthless, savagely gorgeous. Everyone in New York knows his name. He’s the Russian mafia boss who rules half the city: Konstantin.

To bring him down, the FBI come up with a terrifying, risky plan: they make me into an exact double of Konstantin’s evil girlfriend…and put me in her place. I’m just a shy surveillance geek but now I’ve got to fake being confident and glamorous. I have to stay detached and in control, because if he suspects for one second I’m not her, he’ll kill me. But right from the first moment, there’s a molten, breathless attraction neither of us can fight. He can see something in me, see that I’m the light to his dark…and it turns him on. I know he’s evil, know he’s dangerous, but when I hear that silvery Russian growl in my ear, when his lips crush down on mine and those big hands run all over my body…

Every day, the risks I have to take for the FBI get bigger. One slip, one tiny mistake and he’ll find out. I’m meant to be learning his secrets but the man I discover is nothing like what I expected. That cold exterior hides the pain of unbelievable loss and a fiery, protective heart. Now his enemies are circling, we’re both in danger and my divided loyalties are tearing me apart. I was sent to destroy this man but I’ve fallen for him. What’s going to happen when he finds out the truth?

Standalone Russian Mafia Romance with guaranteed HEA


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