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Our unique Gifted and Talented WIPE CLEAN (re-usable) Activity Book offers 88 pages full of colorful content including 154 creative questions, brain teasers, flashcards, stickers and fun and exciting activities. All of our questions are based on OLSAT content and is best for children in pre k through kindergarten, ages 3-6.

The idea of Smartie Books is to help kids learn the thought process in solving problems. We believe exams are not about memorizing questions and answers but more about developing the ability to problem solve and rationalize. The best feature about our workbook is that it can be re-used multiple times, saving parents money from buying additional books. Play an active role in helping guide your child so they can reach their full potential, perfect for homeschool. Pinpoint the child’s strengths/weakness and re-use the book again and again until your child is fully comfortable and understands the concepts clearly.

Practice key OLSAT topics tested during Gifted and Talented standardized testing exams. Our workbook is filled with activities to balance out the content and make learning enjoyable and fun..

Our Activity Book includes:

154 Questions covering:

  • Shape Creation
  • Analogies
  • Following Directions and Aural Reasoning
  • Classifications
  • Series Completion
  • Arithmetic Reasoning
  • Pattern Matrices

2 Sheets of Stickers

7 Fun Activities

16 Analogies Flashcards

Dry Erase Pen


Gifted and Talented Test Preparation NNAT-2, OLSAT, COGAT content
154 fun questions including: Shape Creation, Analogies, Following Directions and Aural Reasoning, Classifications, Series Completion, Arithmetic Reasoning, Pattern Matrices
Gifted test prep book with stickers and fun activities included
WIPE-CLEAN (reusable) Activity Book for childrens ages 3-6
Perfect prep workbook for homeschool, children in pre-k and kindergarten


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